Blog Post 1

Blog Post 1


Welcome to our blog post, thank you for stopping by. It is our great pleasure to share with you, and connect with you.

Wow we are almost half way through the year already, and so much has been happening in the world of PM Arts, and coaching. As the days get brighter and the weather rather warm, so do the people around us. So we get to walk about a lot more, and wow, what a great way to collect inspiration in nature and our surroundings.

So as you walk about, be mindful of those you come into contact with and the many beautiful inspirational objects that surround us. Inspiration is everywhere, use it, be creative ! Until next time, bye for now, and thank you once again for stopping by. PM Arts

24 May 2019

2019 has been quite an un-usual year for us hear at PM Arts. November 2018, the artist got an email from an aquaintance, informing her of being nominated for the apex art Fellowship award. This was such awesome news for the artist. She stood there dumbfounded that she was nominated. To cut a long story short, she made it through the aplication process, and in January the 11th, found herself in a plane to New York City. What a great experience. you can access her journey on,

01 June 2019

Good day and hope you are having a really fantastic one. It is the weekend just before end of half term. It’s been great just spending a week of nothing but forcus on one’s creativity. What an indulgence, food for the soul for an artist.

Did  a video post on ‘creativity’, and now just took the time to come out and enjoy the sun, and people watch at the Depot. Always intersting activity to do. Everytime I find that l have time to sit and reflect and put my thoughts down, it takes me back to apex art in New York as I had to write a journal everyday of all the activities I did. Fantastic way to stay connected to the now, and reality that surrounds you.

Ok, I must go and get a little rest now, dance awaits me this evening. Good day, and thank you for stopping by. Happy positive healthy relationships and creativity to you ! ~ Phati Mnguni