Welcome to our Career & Personal Development Coaching page.

What is involved ?

Career development coaching invloves a life coach working along side a client who needs guidance and direction in identifying a career choice, career change, or development. A personal development coach involves a life coach who works along side a client or clients who needs support in developing areas of their life that they feel unfulfilled in, or feel overwhelmed with where to start when it comes to dealing with challenges. A life coach will therefore work with you, and assist you in creating a road map of how to best achieve your goals or make changes in your life for the better.

In life we can get so bombarded by so much ‘noise’ around us, that we lose track of what we are doing, , where we are going, what we want and what  really makes us happy. Our goals get lost in the ‘clutter’ and ‘noise’ around us for whatever reason .

We get in a rut where we can’t see the wood for it’s trees, and therefore losing direction of what really matters in our lives, living us feeling unfulfilled and empty within.

As a career or personal development coach, it is our speciality to assist you in identitying ways of achieving your desired outcomes. This could be career direction related, personal goal or issue, dealing with loss, confidence boosting, or dealing with limiting beliefs, identity issues or what it really means to be you,  as part of the big wide world we are a part of. Identifying and knowing where you fit in when it comes to positive healthy relationships with those you do life with, knowing you matter as much as those you do life with.

All of the above involves coaching  individuals who are struggling to stay positive, and achieve their goals / vision, for whatever reason. We all need someone to hold our hand from time to time, and assist us in seeing the wood for it’s trees. You are not alone, and there is strenghth in actually reaching out, and taking strides to invest in yourself and develop yourself.

Do you want to : 

  • identify your core challenges, and deal with them ?
  • feel empowered to take charge of your career direction, or personal development ?
  • find ways to fully utilise your God given gifts, and find purpose for your life ?
  • construct new attitudes towards challenges you want changed ?
  •  visualise what a life full of purpose, and fullfillment will look like ?
  • identify  a road map to achieving your future aspirations?
  • identify the root cause of your challenges, and take charge of your life direction?
  • identify your core identity and a career choice that reflects who you are ?

Then you have come to thre right place, contact us for a free, no obligation, 30 minutes chat, and we can asertain if we are righ to work with each other or not.

Should you wish to take up our services, we run on a 6 week session programme, at 1 hour per session, per week, then agree on how we proceed there after.

Sessions cost £120.00 per session, payable upfront.