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Phati Mnguni, shortened from her long African name, ( Siphatisiwe Patience Mnguni ), international mixed media visual artist, writer, art tutor, and motivational speaker, known for her batik work which challenges boundaries between painting and textile design, African art and European art., exploring the notion of identity, which she feels “is constantly changing, no one can put a finger on it. Through travel and intergration, we borrow, and learn from each other as human beings, discarding those things that no longer serve us”. Born and brought up in Bulawayo, Matabeleland, Zimbabwe. She is of the Ndebele clan derived from South Africa, and takes pride in her identity as an African and British black woman.

As a motivational speaker, Mnguni’s message is to encourage others to go after their dreams , and to believe in themselves, and never entertain discouragement. To inspire and encourage others to be comfortable in their own ‘skin’, celebrate their personal identity, no matter who or what they are.


Her own journey as a single parent, resident in a new country, and adversities encountered, is her drive for living a fullfing purposeful quality life.  And therefore, has a heart to encourage others to live their dream and never give up due to life                                                                                challenges.